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Sign up with a single login and manage all your unpaid invoices and debt for multiple businesses from one account.

Smart personalised dashboard

Manage your own smart colour-coded dashboard.

Simply add your unpaid invoices and debt to our easy-to-use system where you can track and view the amount owed to you 24/7.

Invoices will show up as paid or overdue (and by how many days) along with an aggregate total of the amount owing.

Friendly email reminders

Just set up your preferred frequency and due date and we will do the rest.

Your customers will receive friendly reminder alerts when it’s time for them to pay.

Incentivise your customers

Customers not paid you on time?

Report past-due payments to CreditRegistry, Nigeria’s largest credit bureau.

The option to report past-due payments to CreditRegistry, Nigeria’s largest credit bureau, is an extremely effective deterrent for late payers and debt defaulters!

Reporting is easy, simple and quick!

You can report late payers automatically or at the click of a button.

By reporting old debts, you prevent such debtors from getting goods or services from other businesses until you first get paid. Other businesses that utilise GetPaidFaster, now with information on over 60 million Nigerians and businesses, alert you to customers to avoid or who you should require to pay you upfront.

Get paid on time, every time

Getting paid on time results in better cash flow.

This means you can grow faster and have more cash to invest in your business to make it financially healthier and stronger.

It's a win-win!

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