Are unpaid school fees a problem?
There is a solution.

Are you struggling to get your students to pay their fees on time?

Is it the same old story each term with late payers making promises they do not keep?

Are you wasting precious time chasing payments that could be better spent running the school, so students get the education they deserve?

You are not alone

Many schools and universities in Nigeria face the exact same problem. Running any academic institution is challenging enough as it is but becomes even more difficult when the main source of your income is impeded.

Some schools even resort to turning away students at the gates. But this has a terribly negative impact on the student’s education, not to mention the shame, humiliation and embarrassment. It also makes the school look bad.

Perhaps you would like to be more lenient but know it would only lead to even more debt, and it’s not fair either to the fully paid-up students, members of staff or your suppliers!

Whatever way you look at it, not getting paid on time (or at all) has a serious negative impact on your business.

Because let’s face it, running a school is running a business.

Besides all that, the school needs to be continuously improving to maintain its status as a popular and in-demand educational establishment.

Poor cash flow not only puts an immediate strain on the school’s day-to-day running but has a knock-on effect on your suppliers that creates even more challenges and can also damage your reputation (which can be just as costly as bad debt!).

In a worst-case scenario, it might even mean your school has to close down!

On top of everything else

  • Staff have to be paid
  • Supplies need to be purchased
  • There are always bills to pay

Imagine then for a moment if...

  • You could effectively incentivise parents or students to pay on time
  • You could manage cash flow to invest in improvements and still be in profit
  • Your establishment was seen as even more desirable and attracted all the best paying students

The good news is – all this is entirely possible

Deter Late Payers With CreditRegistry, Nigeria’s Largest Credit Bureau

GetPaidFaster, our payment reminder and debt reporting system, allows you to not only manage and monitor your invoices but incentivise parents and students to pay on time.

Getting paid on time means you can grow faster, have more cash to invest to make your school even better and can nurture a place where people flock to for the very best education.

With our easy-to-use system, you also have the option to report past-due payments to CreditRegistry, Nigeria’s largest credit bureau.

This is an extremely effective deterrent for repeat late payers and debt defaulters!

How it works


Sign Up

Sign up and add your unpaid invoices and debt to our easy-to-use dashboard that you can access 24/7.

One account for
all your businesses

Set Payment Reminders

Set up your payment due date and payment reminder schedule, and we will do the rest.
Your customers will receive friendly reminders when it’s time for them to pay.



Report Late Payments

You have the option to report past-due payments to CreditRegistry, Nigeria’s largest credit bureau.
  • Select CreditRegistry report settings
  • Get paid before debtors can access more credit elsewhere
  • Option to order credit reports

Get Started Today and GetPaidFaster

Incentivise your customers to always pay on time

GetPaidFaster creates a disincentive for customers to delay paying you. And when you get paid on time, your cash flow improves so that you can sustain your business.

With GetPaidFaster, you and other businesses exchange information about the risk that bad debtors pose to your business. Reporting unpaid debt to CreditRegistry holds the debtor accountable and helps everyone.

Awareness by your customers that you vet them and exchange information about their payment behaviour through CreditRegistry encourages them to be good-paying customers or face negative consequences.

Find out more at our FAQ section.

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